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Drills & Activities

POD is emailed out the week prior to drill. It is your responsibility to check your communications for the POD. 



NS Mayport Division NSCC is open to young people ages 10-17 who want to learn about our military and are ambitious, self-disciplined, physically motivated, and have strong academic performance. While many of our graduates do go on to careers in the military, Sea Cadets is not a recruiting program but rather it is a leadership program. Our national office has a robust college scholarship program and colleges appreciate the impressive resumes of our high school students. 


In addition to physical and military academic activities, Cadets learn self-discipline, commitment, respect, and leadership all while earning and enjoying the camaraderie of a great group of fellow shipmates. Cadets must meet all eligibility requirements including application, parent/cadet interview, medical screening, and payment of required fees to join. 


Drills will be conducted at NS Mayport approximately 2 times a month on Saturdays throughout the school year and Cadets then attend summer trainings all over the country in the summer. There are attendance requirements but many of our Cadets have other activities and we are always willing to work with them to meet the minimum mandatory attendance.


Sea Cadet drills may consist of physical training, classroom lessons, leadership and team-building exercises.  In addition, Sea Cadets can expect to visit to various areas on the base to learn about all of the areas and missions within the Navy community.  At the mAYPORT dIVISION, those experiences are on NS Mayport as well as other bases and places.  Cadets have gone on US Navy and US Coast Guard ships, participated in aviation simulators, camped out, when rappelling at Camp Blanding, visited various departments on the base, and learned all about the Navy, and the military.

While most of our drills are held during one day, the Cadets also will do several overnight camping trips. Some examples from ours and other units – include traveling to NASA for a special tour, attending the Blue Angel Airshow, visiting Moody Air Force Base where they met with active duty and witnessed the A-10's in a live fire demonstration. Cadets have also gone to Washington DC, the National SEAL Museum, and visited the USS Alabama and Yorktown -- and they have even gone out to sea for a day on the USS Iwo Jima – and there are international exchange opportunities as well! 

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